L1 59010 Liquid Flocculant

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Bestway 59010 | Flocculant based on aluminum polychloride able to increase the filtering power and / or accelerate the sedimentation of organic impurities directly in the pool. The flocculation eliminates and / or prevents the formation of suspensions that cause cloudy water. Please note: Do not use in the case of cartridge and diatomaceous earth / diatomaceous earth filters. Use in swimming pools with sand filtration systems. How to use REMOVAL OF CLOUDS: Predilute 15 g of product for every m3 of water and pour into the skimmer. Backwash every 4/5 hours of filtration and repeat the operation until the desired clarity is obtained. PREVENTION OF CLOUDS: use in the evening, pre-dilute 10 g of product for every 10 m3 of water and pour into the skimmer. Carry out this operation every time the filter is backwashed. Pack of 1 L. Package weight kg 13.7

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