Steel and Calcium Sequestering L1

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BESTWAY 59029 | Liquid with sequestering and chelating action. Prevents the formation of calcium precipitates and prevents stains caused by the presence of iron and/or other dissolved metals. In the pools there are in fact normally dissolved, in different quantities depending on the type of water, calcium, copper, iron, manganese minerals, etc. These minerals, by virtue of their chemical-physical characteristics, precipitate and settle on the bottom and on the walls of the pool, causing stains of different colors. In addition, the particles are deposited in the filters, creating incrustations that can reduce their operation and duration. Incompatibility with strongly acid products, strong oxidizing agents. How to use: pour from 100 g to 300 g of product every 10 cubic meter of water, depending on the hardness and quantity of metals possibly present in the water. Repeat the treatment in case of important reintegration of the pool water volume. Package weight 13.60 kg

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