L1 59023 pH-

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BESTWAY 59023 | pH-, from 1 kg. Liquid corrector based on sulfuric acid, it lowers the pH value in case of excessive alkalinity (pH > 7.6). Measure the pH value, pour the product directly into the skimmers or pre-diluted using a dosing pump. Wait 5 minutes before carrying out a new detection to allow the homogeneous distribution of the product. 10 ml of product for every m3 of water lower the pH value by about 0.1. Recommended when the pH value is > 7.6. Packing weight kg 13.60

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Weight 1,10 kg
Dimensions 30,00 × 10,00 × 10,00 cm
Peso Confezione 1.10 kg
Dimensioni Confezione 30.00 × 10.00 × 10.00 cm


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