Liquid flocculant L5

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BESTWAY 59011 | Flocculant with aluminum polychloride able to increase the filtering power and/or accelerate the sedimentation of organic impurities directly in the tank. The flocculation action makes it possible to eliminate and/or prevent the formation of the suspensions that cause water cloudiness. Do not use with cartridge and diatomaceous/fossil flour filtration systems. Use in pools with sand filtration pumps. Instructions for the REMOVAL OF MUDDYNESS: Pre-dilute in a container 15g of product for each cubic meter of water and pour into the skimmer. Backwash every 4/5 hours of filtration and repeat the operation until the desired clarity is achieved. Methods of use for PREVENTION OF MUDDYNESS: Use in the evening, pre-dilute in a container 10g of product for every 10 cubic meters of water and pour into the skimmer. Perform the operation each time the filter is backwashed. Package weight 21.46kg

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