PVC+ 05826 Side Walls

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Set of 4 waterproof side walls (2 with window, 1 blind, 1 door with zip), polyester fabric 500D g 260/m² covered in PVC UV30+. The sides are fixed to the cover sheet of the gazebo by means of a metal hook, placed in the middle of the upper side of the wall itself. Velcro strips are distributed on the vertical side of the sides which allow them to be fixed (from the inside) to the legs of the gazebo. Accessory for 05826. For models produced until 2016.

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Weight 17,08 kg
Dimensions 50,00 × 41,00 × 50,00 cm

Peso Confezione 7.00 kg
Dimensioni Confezione 50.00 × 41.00 × 50.00 cm


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